GATE can be a tough problem unless a candidate knows the easiest way to solve it. For example, If a candidate may know the answer to a question and if he/she stick on an unknown question, time will runs out. So appear all the questions with time management. Some candidates attempt most of the questions with the answer are not sure and the result probably a poor score. So attempt all the known questions first with focus on time management. Here are some tips to Focus on GATE exams.

  1. Go through the GATE Syllabus.

Before preparing the GATE exam first go through the syllabus of that particular year. That will give the candidate a clear idea about the topics for the GATE exam. Like General Aptitude is common for all papers. So first go through the syllabus itself.

  1. Go through the exam pattern.

The exam pattern of GATE exam will give the candidate to point out how they should prepare for the exam. Two types of questions will asked in gate exams MCQs and NATs. MCQS carry negative marks but NATs doesn’t carry negative marks. All these points underlined in your mind before attending the exam.

  1. Make a Study Plan

After going through the syllabus and exam pattern make an accurate study plan according to your knowledge like: weak, medium, and strong. Then allot time for each category. Also set time for revision. Point out important points. Highlight the notes that you find difficult to remember.

  1. Select best book for GATE

Select the best book for GATE after going through the syllabus and exam pattern. Select the book that cover most of the GATE syllabus.

  1. Prepare Notes

If you prepare notes you can easily remember the topics. And also notes take less time to revise .You can easily follow the notes since they are prepared by yourself. If you don’t understand your own notes that means your preparation for exam is not up to the task so you need hardwork. So go back to the books again and improve your notes.

  1. Speed And Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy are key elements for success in GATE exam. First go through the question and remember all the important formulas if any. Only by practice you can acquire speed. For accuracy concentrate your task. By doing sample question papers and taking mock tests you can gain speed and accuracy.

  1. Solve Sample Question Papers

Solve lots of sample question papers, by solving them you can practice what you have learned. You will get an idea that how much time you will spend in one question. Likewise you will learn how to attend the exam with time management. If you can solve the questions without much effort that means you are good in knowledge. After solving many sample questions and previous year questions, you can gain valuable insights into the marks distribution, difficult questions and so on.

  1. Attend Mock Test

Once you have studied the text books, done all revision, and solved lots of problems, then it is the time to attend mock tests. By attending the mock tests the candidate can learn the time management skills and you can evaluate yourself that how you made simple mistakes in exams.

  1. Continuous Revision

By proper revision candidate can acquire new skill sets and go through the notes that you have prepared. Only by continuous revision you can gain speed also.

  1. Stay Healthy and appear with self confidence

Before your exam pay attention to your health. Not take overload during exam days, that will affect your health. Appear GATE exam with confidence and relaxed. Stay happy, All the best for your exam!!!!!


Reasoning type of questions deals with our ability to get conclusions from the given statements of hints. The given statement may not be true by sense. But we need to believe that the given statement is true and by believing that truth we should take conclusions. It actually test our logical ability. Gate coaching center Kochi try to develop the logical reasoning ability by doing various types of problems.

The reasoning type of questions can be classified into verbal reasoning and nonverbal reasoning. Series completion type questions are more common in verbal reasoning type. In series completion questions some sequence may be given and three or four components of that particular series will be shown. We need to complete or find the next component or missing component. Gate coaching center KochiFrom the components given we need to crack the logic behind the series. For eg 2, 4, 6, this series is given. We need to know how 4 is obtained from 2 and how 6 is obtained from 4 likewise. We need to identify the logic behind the series. Some series may have connection in alternate terms. For e.g. 4, 3, 8, 6, 12, 9… in this series alternate terms are connected.

There is no set rule or set pattern for this type of question. The logic and sequence we need to identify using our common sense and reasoning ability. The series completion may include alphabet series, letter series, number series etc. the alphabet series may be in regular order like skipping each number of alphabets from between alphabets. For e.g. A, C, F, H… The skipping number can get increased in a series. For e.g. skipping one alphabet first then two alphabet and then three likewise. For e.g. A, C, F, J… It can also be in decreasing order.

The number series can consist of different patterns. Series of squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, and etc. series may consist of numbers with a common difference between them. Arithmetic progression, geometric progression, are series with common difference and this common difference may be a number in case of AP and may be a ratio in case of GP.

Mixed type of series can also be there in questions. Some series may have numbers where the digits are connected. For e.g. 475., 586, 695,. Here in this series each digits of each number is connected likewise many pattern can arise in this series completion type questions. All we need to do is identifying the logic behind it.


Verbal ability is a section in GATE exams where some students feel difficulty in dealing with. GATE coaching centers and academies are giving coaching for students in verbal ability development to crack that section in the gate exam.

Some students fear to attend English section as they believe they don’t know much English grammar. Gate coaching try to avoid the fear in the minds of students and make them feel that there is nothing to fear about verbal ability section in gate exams.

Students can develop new habits so that they can make the verbal section easy.


First basic thing students can do is the newspaper reading. Students must read newspaper daily. It will increase the general awareness will also develop fluency. By reading editorial we will come across good phrases and words. If some unknown words come in the content make sure that you refer dictionaries to learn its meaning. Referring dictionaries will make your eyes strike another new word. Likewise your knowledge about English language will increase.

Grammar exercises

There are lots of books available providing grammar exercises questions. Doing many questions will avoid lots of confusions and clarify the doubts regarding it. Doing more and more exercises makes many questions familiar. Getting a familiar question in an exam saves a lot of time in problem solving.

Developing vocabulary

Try to learn a new word daily. Try to get more information about that word too. If any synonym and antonym is there try to learn that too. If you come across any new word while doing exercise note down the word and learn its meaning. This will develop your vocabulary. Search internet to see the situation where the word is used and in which situations the word can be used and also learn how the word is used.

We must make all these points into our habit. We must have a mind which is willing to learn things and highly motivated and competitive to crack the gate exam. Reliant Academy is the best Gate Coaching center in kochi kerala.


  • GATE Exam is not looking for any syllabus completion from the candidate. A good understanding of the basic concepts and their application is required.
  • Preparation time for GATE depends on many factors, such as individual’s aptitude, A clear understanding of the underlying concepts is a must since the questions asked in GATE exam will test the level and depth of understanding of concepts
  • As a thumb rule, while solving any GATE problem, if the solution takes more than 8 steps, u must re-look at the approach. (Generally GATE problems are not lengthy).
  • While solving the problem, students must have balance between speed & accuracy.
  • As all subjects don’t have equal marks, few subjects are preferred over others
  • Preparation time for GATE is subjective and depends on the so many factors such as individual’s aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level etc., Typically, a rigorous preparation of 4-6 months is considered good enough for getting into IISc or IITs.
  • Create a timetable for study of topics and follow it strictly. While studying any topic, make sure to highlight important points like key definitions, equations, derivations, theorems, laws, etc
  • Keep a check on your performance; it is compulsory to directly jump upon the previous GATE question on the topic you just finished. You can try to solve some examples in model papers also.
  • Any problem can be tackled in number of ways. So being innovative and intuitive also helps to reach the correct option quickly. This means, it is not at all compulsory to solve question in typical way. Practice comes handy to solve questions quicker so that the balance time can be utilized in some really thought provoking questions (all few questions fall in this category).
  • You should have done sufficient study/ discussion, so that the moment you start reading the question you should have an intuition on whether you can solve it. One way, is to read multiple books on the same subjects, especially for subjects of your interest or the thrust portion in GATE exam pattern. Also, to support your study with some self notes is good idea. This helps in final revisions.
  • While preparing always keep your goal in thought and fancy being in the place like top institutes wherever you want to have admission. Always remember “You can get, if you really want”. So positive mind is the key. Mild tension can be helpful to have kind of motivation or a sense of duty.  But you should avoid thoughts of loosing which can cause loss of concentration and low performance.
  • In the last days of preparation, if you have any doubts about any topic/formula, you can have a look on these sections. Always remember, more doubts lead to more concept building.
  • Leave all the books few days before the exam. Have some good time and relax.

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GATE Exam -2017 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for the Exam

gate-tips and tricks

  • Aim for taking GATE exam varies from candidate to candidate. Students from private engineering colleges try to get into M-Tech in order to have stamp of the better known institutions and for them reasonable percentile should the purpose. On the other hand , students studying in well-established  institutes may aim to get into IIT or equivalent institutions. For the m very high percentile is essential.
  • Normally 3 to 4 months of serious study should be sufficient for the preparation.
  • In the first run study all topic as per syllabus.
  • In the revision stage concentrate more on selected topics.
  • Try to solve papers of previous years. This will give you an idea about the mismatch between the actual paper and your level of preparation.
  • Fill up the gap by extra study.
  • Try to take up practice test.

What Next ? After GATE Exam

  • After declaration of GATE results, students must apply to individual institute to get their application forms.
  • Institutes advertise for M-Tech admissions in leading newspapers from 1st April till the end of July. However some institutes do not advertise and therefor students have to send requested for the application to the institutes directly.
  • An admission in the institute is based on GATE percentile.
  • The concern institute may conduct written test and/or interview for the purpose of admission.
  • If you GATE score is 96, you can go for admission in RECs Roorkee, BITS Pilani etc. If less than 85, you have to look for other appropriate institute.

Topper’s view

 gate-toppers view
  • One day before the exam, revise the course.
  • During the exam, try section A first Q1 carry one mark each and those in Q2 carry two marks each.
  • Manage the time well during the exam.
  • In the hall one should not get panicky upon receiving the question paper.Candidate should stay cool before the test, so that they do not get confused while attempting the paper. Time management is important but not at the cost of answering the paper accurately.
  • Do not try to get hold of the entire syllabus prescribed for GATE .A selective preparation would be a very helpful concept and should be learned accurately.Memorization of any problem without a clear idea of the concept will be futile exercise.
  • It is better to have flexible time plan before going to exam and have a balance of mind. It helps in avoiding silly mistakes.