GATE can be a tough problem unless a candidate knows the easiest way to solve it. For example, If a candidate may know the answer to a question and if he/she stick on an unknown question, time will runs out. So appear all the questions with time management. Some candidates attempt most of the questions with the answer are not sure and the result probably a poor score. So attempt all the known questions first with focus on time management. Here are some tips to Focus on GATE exams.

  1. Go through the GATE Syllabus.

Before preparing the GATE exam first go through the syllabus of that particular year. That will give the candidate a clear idea about the topics for the GATE exam. Like General Aptitude is common for all papers. So first go through the syllabus itself.

  1. Go through the exam pattern.

The exam pattern of GATE exam will give the candidate to point out how they should prepare for the exam. Two types of questions will asked in gate exams MCQs and NATs. MCQS carry negative marks but NATs doesn’t carry negative marks. All these points underlined in your mind before attending the exam.

  1. Make a Study Plan

After going through the syllabus and exam pattern make an accurate study plan according to your knowledge like: weak, medium, and strong. Then allot time for each category. Also set time for revision. Point out important points. Highlight the notes that you find difficult to remember.

  1. Select best book for GATE

Select the best book for GATE after going through the syllabus and exam pattern. Select the book that cover most of the GATE syllabus.

  1. Prepare Notes

If you prepare notes you can easily remember the topics. And also notes take less time to revise .You can easily follow the notes since they are prepared by yourself. If you don’t understand your own notes that means your preparation for exam is not up to the task so you need hardwork. So go back to the books again and improve your notes.

  1. Speed And Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy are key elements for success in GATE exam. First go through the question and remember all the important formulas if any. Only by practice you can acquire speed. For accuracy concentrate your task. By doing sample question papers and taking mock tests you can gain speed and accuracy.

  1. Solve Sample Question Papers

Solve lots of sample question papers, by solving them you can practice what you have learned. You will get an idea that how much time you will spend in one question. Likewise you will learn how to attend the exam with time management. If you can solve the questions without much effort that means you are good in knowledge. After solving many sample questions and previous year questions, you can gain valuable insights into the marks distribution, difficult questions and so on.

  1. Attend Mock Test

Once you have studied the text books, done all revision, and solved lots of problems, then it is the time to attend mock tests. By attending the mock tests the candidate can learn the time management skills and you can evaluate yourself that how you made simple mistakes in exams.

  1. Continuous Revision

By proper revision candidate can acquire new skill sets and go through the notes that you have prepared. Only by continuous revision you can gain speed also.

  1. Stay Healthy and appear with self confidence

Before your exam pay attention to your health. Not take overload during exam days, that will affect your health. Appear GATE exam with confidence and relaxed. Stay happy, All the best for your exam!!!!!

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